Stationery, Interior, Travel, Photograph items and little things.


Dear Maison is a design studio based in Busan Korea which was
founded by Hye-Jeong Kim on 10 November 2012.

Dear Maison designs and manufactures gorgeous and impressive products.
From some little stuffs to something that is thoroughly involved in our day-by-day lives.
We are designing products that bring the users valuable memories.
Once people meet our products, it let them to create their own unique memories with it.

“Simplicity” is the motto of Dear Maison.
We make our products by using colorful and magnify elements as less as possible.

The series of “A MONTH IN” diary that releases every year is the remarkable product of ours.
All the pictures in the diary were taken by Dear Maison during her trips.
Also, Dear Maison is the first who used marble patterns on notebook design.
There are 4 different patterns of our marble notebook and
we receive a lot of good comments from users from all over the world.

We are on a goal that our products would become something cool in users’ lifestyle
in every single moment and not only limited in one category such as fashion, interior or travel.

We are hoping that our products could add value to people’s lives from everywhere in the world.

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